Sheet Metal Design Training


  • Learn Sheet Metal Design Concepts, not just the tool
  • Learn by working on Real Projects
  • Learn directly from Design Engineering Professionals
  • Learn the Major Tools used in the Industry like CATIA, UG-NX, PTC Creo
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Industry Recognized Certificate

This course covers the essential theoretical and practical knowledge required for Designing Sheet metal parts.

  • The common processes
  • Materials and the properties which matter for design
  • Comparison between hardness, toughness and strength
  • What happens to the Material when it is formed or Bent?
  • The Theory behind Forming and Bending
  • Form-ability and Bend-ability of metal sheets and what factors affect them
  • Forming limit diagrams and how they are created
  • Bending Parameters¬† in design
  • K factor, Neutral axis, Bend allowance
  • The concept of Spring-back and ways to reduce it
  • Deep drawing process
  • Joining processes and their comparison
  • Design Guidelines to create cost- effective designs which are suitable for manufacturing.
  • Design projects

So if you are a student exploring the world of product design  or a design engineer who wants to make products with sheet metal then this courses will be a good value addition.